Medical Terminology and Body Systems Course

Lina, bodyMastering complex medical terms can be hard. UMHS Interpreter Services’ Medical Terminology and Body Systems course makes it easier.

This 40-hour course is ideal for medical interpreters, medical professionals, and anyone interested in learning the basics of medical science. The course teaches the Word Building Technique, which helps you decipher medical terms by dividing them into three basic parts: the prefix, root and suffix. By learning common prefixes, suffixes, and root words, you can easily make sense of even the most complex terms. It’s a quick, efficient and amazingly easy way to learn medical terminology.

Each class also covers a different body system, including terms and phrases used during specific appointments, diagnoses, tests and procedures. The course also gives an overview of the basics of Anatomy, Physiology, Clinical science, some Pharmacology. The course includes weekly homework, tests, games, role-playing, student presentations and a final exam that students must pass to receive a Certificate of Completion.

The spring 2013 course will run for 10–weeks, in half-day classes, so if you need more time to memorize and become familiar with the medical terms – this class is for you!

Medical Terminology and Body Systems is open to everyone. It is language neutral, and all materials and instructions are presented in English. If you’re a medical interpreter, the course is an ideal way to prepare for the National Certification exam and/ or to earn continuing education hours.

There are a few openings for the spring 2013 course. Click here to register.


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